Our Story

We Keep it Realtime

(See what we did there?)

As developers, we’re never satisfied, and we’re always trying to find the next best thing. But in 2008, we decided we were done trying to find the next best thing – so we chose to build it instead. Ever since then, we’ve been reinventing the user experience with realtime data streaming.

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Data is Our Passion

(Always data winner)

It’s our goal to help developers turn content into streams of data through event-driven APIs. But we don’t want to simply help providers distribute data – we want to be the best at it. Because of this drive and dedication, we’re always innovating our product to ensure Streamdata.io is the fastest, most secure, and most affordable data proxy in the world.

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To Infinity & Beyond

(Buzz Lightyear voice)

As user experience and business intelligence become increasingly important, we believe realtime data will be the ultimate differentiator between the platforms that thrive and those that fall behind. Inspired by John Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line philosophy, we see every day as an opportunity for us to improve our people, planet, and profit.

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Venture Clash 2016


H2020 E.E. Funding for Reaserch and Innovation 2016


Benxinga 2016

Data Award

Viva Technology 2016


#execfintech 2016