Getting Your 511 Traffic Incidents in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Real Time Streaming API

Continuing our work to make city data more real time, we have begun working to make 511 data streaming using Server-Sent Events (SSE) in any browser, or mobile device. 511 data includes a number interesting data sets that can be made real time, such as transit schedules, but we wanted to focus on traffic data[…]


Streaming Twitter Lists Using Streamdata.io Instead of the Twitter Streaming API

I was playing with streaming different APIs, and I found myself playing the Twitter API. Which is kind of senseless as Twitter has their own streaming API, but it can be a little more investment to get up and running with both technically, and in a businesses sense if you are needing higher volumes, than Streamdata.io. Technically[…]


Real Time Streaming 311 Incidents In Chicago

We have been studying the 311 landscape as part of our smart city research, and after discovering a handful of Open311 API feeds, we wanted to develop some prototypes that demonstrate how you can quickly make 311 data streaming using Server-Sent Events (SSE) in any browser, or mobile device. Not every city supports Open311, making non-emergency[…]


A Real Time Streaming Version Of Your Existing API As A Premium Service

We are exploring the different ways in which existing API providers can think about real time streaming versions of their APIs, from not just the technical side of things, but also the business aspect of doing APIs. Streamdata.io is designed to proxy any existing web API, and begin caching and streaming its responses using Server-Sent[…]