Newsletter – November 2015

Dear Streamers,

All we will say about this month’s attacks is that Paris is resilient, and we will keep living the hypermedia life we chose, in bars, restaurants, stadium and theaters. Which leads to our editors’ pick for the month: Spectre (with all due credits).


James Bond: [Q hands Bond a watch] What does it do?

Q: It tells the time.

Developers had asked us to have the freedom to poll their source APIs at the frequency they wish. This was released a few months back, and our very own Q (Allan) wrote a tutorial for it. Pascal Guilcher from Restlet, a partner of ours, created a demo of delayed financial quotes with Google Finance, AngularJS, MaterializeCSS and HighCharts.

James Bond: I was in a meeting recently, and your name came up.

Mr. White: I’m flattered London is still talking about me.

James Bond: It wasn’t MI6…

A European month for us. We caught up with the Money X community at Websummit in Dublin, the Nantes Google Development Group during DevFest -special mention to Audrey for her Ionic intro session. Then we saw the first snow falling -looking forward to– in Geneva during the FintechDay organized by Octo.

Next month we will be back in Paris for main event, to discuss streaming API, and live coding a realtime citizen UX with Guillaume Laforge and Allan Denis.

James Bond: Where is he?

Mr. White: He is everywhere.

Q is working on it, but we have not found the ubiquity solution yet, so had to pass on a few great conferences. We closely followed Apistrat, especially Justin’s session -our slides converge- on our favorite theme of realtime APIs. We also missed SPS IPC Drives where our partner CST Crouzet was exposing our joint real-time IoT solution.

Mr. White: You are a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond.

Today started COP21, that we support by sharing views on the web environmental footprint.

Cheers and enjoy your code,

The team

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