Vert.x EventBus

Vert.x: how to handle retry with the EventBus?

Vert.x is a polyglot library that helps to develop reactive applications. Among all its features, Vert.x comes with a built-in EventBus, which is a masterpiece in a event-driven (micro-services) architecture. What you will read about in this post: how to handle a retry on a request-response of the Vert.x EventBus with a classical Handler … with a[…]

Vert.x Service Discovery

Vert.x: implementing a custom Service Type for the Service Discovery

Vert.x is a polyglot library that helps to develop reactive applications. A good starting point on how Vert.x can help you to write such applications is the free-ebook Building Reactive Microservices in Java from Clément Escoffier or these talks: here and here. Besides Vert.x itself, Vert.x comes with lots of components that eases the development of reactive[…]

Spring Web Flux +

Using Spring Web Flux as a Java Client of

Despite the fact Server-Sent Events (aka SSE) is a bit older than WebSocket, SSE is less known than WebSockets as a push technology. If you wish to get the difference between Server-Sent Events and WebSockets, you can read this article or watch one videos of our great drones enchantress Audrey (here). But it seems there is[…]

Vert.x logo

Vert.x and the async calls chain

Vert.x is a nice polyglot library to write reactive applications. Based on the multi-reactor pattern, the core concept of Vert.x is the event loop that dispatches work/events to handlers. The event loop is single threaded. But you can have multiple event loops (hence, the multi-reactor pattern). What you will read about in this post: A Classic “Hello[…]

Riot.js - Part 4

Exploring Riot.js – En route to…

Welcome back to our Riot.js exploration! This time, we will explore the routing feature which is the last main feature of Riot.js and will enable you to code amazing apps. This post will also conclude our series « Exploring Riot.js » (don’t be too sad…). What is a router? Good question. A router is a component[…]

Riot.js - Part 3 - Step 3

Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app (Step3)

Welcome to Step 3 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3”, humbly named: Step #3 – an even even more amazing app than the even more amazing app (could it be?) In the Step 2 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3″, I’ve managed to sell you an amazing UX experience of the “Reload Stocks”[…]

Riot.js - Part 3 - Step 2

Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app (Step2)

Welcome to Step 2 of the “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3”!, modestly entitled: Step #2 – an even more amazing app! In the Step 1 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app”, we saw an amazing app that presented the data from the Stockmarket API in different forms: a table and a chart. Do you remember[…]