Web Environmental Footprint(1)

The Web Environmental Footprint, in short

It’s that time of the year during when most of us disconnect to visit beaches and hike in mountains, a well deserved break that Mother Nature helps us enjoy. This summer post intends to share recent findings on climate change, and specifically the impact of the Web on our Environment. Developers, web leaders and computer[…]


Network based architecture: Fielding, Fowler, and Haussmann

This post intends to draw a parallel between the challenges, decisions and heritage of Haussmann over Paris, and the network-based architectural style defined by HTTP and REST, and software architecture methods designated as microservices. Audience is by design double: either software experts interested in city architecture to illustrate the beauty of HTTP Rest and Continuous[…]


A Fintech Day in London: Rock & Revolutions

Here is a partial (in both senses) script of what I  took away from @JAX Finance in London last week. I went there as an ex-HFT infrastructure architect and more recently into multi-channel API streaming for Fintech UI developers (streamdata.io), so interested in Financial IT best practices in our new SaaS+Mobile+API-first world. The day started[…]

Devoxx France Logo

DevoxxFR 2015 Reloaded

If you’ve missed Devoxx France 2015 or just missed some conferences and can’t wait for the videos at Parleys, here are some links of the presentations, we’ve gathered. Enjoy! Building the Internet of Things with Eclipse IoT Des tablettes d’écriture aux tablettes pour écrire Les idées reçues de l’informatique : Quand nos erreurs de raisonnement[…]


Report on event “Imaginons le futur” from Minalogic in Grenoble

During this day dedicated to innovation organised by Minalogic, 15 products were demonstrated. All 15 originated from collaborative projects of Minalogic members and with the Minalogic R&D department. We proudly demonstrated the result of our research with Schneider during this day. The video presents this day and some testimonials. Among them : Lorie from Motwin[…]