Streamdata.io & Vue.js sample and step-by-step tutorial

Vue.js is one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks currently. It often appears in the top frameworks for web app development, and it turns out that someone in our team (You can buy me with double chocolate cookies for a name) loves this framework. So what did we do? We decided to create a sample app[…]


Streamdata.io JavaScript SDK : new version is out!

Summer starts with some great news: in order to ensure compatibility with the latest web frameworks (like Angular or Vue.js) we have rewritten Streamdata.io JavaScript SDK in TypeScript and the new version is available right now. You can find it in our GitHub repository. Just like all the best things in life, the new Streamdata.io JavaScript SDK[…]


Push : SSE vs WebSockets

As we presented our new product streamdata.io at DevoxxFr, we were often asked why we choose Server-Sent Event (SSE) over WebSockets as our Push protocol. This post may help you understand our choice, and evaluate what best suits your needs. We’ll start first with a short description of the two protocols.     SSE: Server-Sent Events HTTP[…]