Integrating with node.js

Simple integration of with node.js Integrating with node.js or any runtime environment is simple. We already demonstrated such integration with Android, iOS or various Javascript environments like Angular.js, Riot.js in previous posts. These are just a few examples, you’ll find more by checking out our blog. But let’s focus on how to leverage[…]

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Android StockTwits real-time feed is a service acting as a reverse proxy that translates REST APIs into a stream of data. In this tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to use in an Android App to display a real-time feed of Stocktwits $EURUSD symbol. 1. Install Android Studio & SDK If you haven’t already, follow this[…]


Realtime event-driven app with Riot, Xignite and

The purpose of this post is to guide you through the steps and help you create a JavaScript even-driven app using Riot.js  (a React-like user interface micro-library) and to display exchange rates provided by Xignite API in realtime. Riot.js will be helpful not only to create reusable web components, but also to develop an application based on an event-driven architecture,[…]


Benchmark: Server-Sent Events vs polling

1. Introduction “ is a real-time cache proxy allowing you to poll JSON REST APIs and push updates to clients”. Ok, sounds great. Indeed, the features provided are exactly what you need but what is the impact on your performances?  Here, we want to talk about performance, from the client, to the backend, with figures,[…]

Riot.js - Part 4

Exploring Riot.js – En route to…

Welcome back to our Riot.js exploration! This time, we will explore the routing feature which is the last main feature of Riot.js and will enable you to code amazing apps. This post will also conclude our series « Exploring Riot.js » (don’t be too sad…). What is a router? Good question. A router is a component[…]

Riot.js - Part 3 - Step 3

Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app (Step3)

Welcome to Step 3 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3”, humbly named: Step #3 – an even even more amazing app than the even more amazing app (could it be?) In the Step 2 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3″, I’ve managed to sell you an amazing UX experience of the “Reload Stocks”[…]