Newsletter – April 2016

Dear Streamers,

April has started strong with publishing a great demo using, the honor to be covered in the {“api”:”report”} and the month will accelerate with three key conferences to synch up with our community. We hope to see you there!

Real-time chat with is a NoSql document oriented database cloud service that let you access data as JSON objects via HTTPS. API-keys and cross-origin (CORS) are supported and you can even have webhooks on your collection to trigger outbound HTTP-POST when records are created, updated or deleted. If you want to know how to make a real-time chat with and, have a look at this great blog post by the team and don’t forget to leave a message in the demo!




Want to know how to turn a classic trading mobile application into a real time experience in less than 15 mn and though double your dwell time? It was last month at FinDEVr NYC with Eric and Audrey and thanks to FinDEVr great team, it’s already online!


Where to find us?

Devoxx France

We are proud to be once again sponsors of Devoxx France, the biggest French developers conference. From the 20th to the 22nd of April, we’ll be happy to meet you at booth #1 to talk about real-time, Server-Sent Events, HTTP/2 or simply make you discover!

Our team will also give a few talks: Audrey will present “Ionic, a so addictive hybrid mobile framework!” and “ISS in real-time on my mobile phone in 15 mn? Challenge accepted!”. She will also co-animate a Hands-on-Labs “WebComponents with Polymer” with Horacio Gonzalez and talk about Devoxx4Kids with Xavier Bourguignon, Emmanuel Feller and Daniel de Luca. Éric will discuss about REST architecture and network in “Resiliency of Paris”, and about developers and society in “Programmable society: citizen developers”. At last, Cédric will replay “Become a King with Kong”. If you want to be sure you don’t miss one, don’t forget to select it with the check under the title!



We are very happy to be Silver Partner at dotScale 2016, the European Tech Conference on Scalability which will take place on the 25th of April.

And we are even more happy to give you a 20% discount code on your ticket to be sure you’ll be part of it! Don’t wait, register now with our code RELAYSTREAMDATA and come see us at our booth to exchange with our devs and ops, and, of course, discuss about scalability and real-time!

JAX FinanceLondon

JaxFinance, the Finance edition of well known Jax Conferences, is coming back in London from the 27th to the 29th of April!
Eric will give a keynote on Elements of Fintech Revolution, talking about actors who lead it and the tech part of the movement. This will be followed by a panel on the developer role in this transformation of the finance industry. He will also give a talk on Real-time APIs in Fintech: UX, Transparency, Dev and Devops. If you want to read more about FinTech, Unicorns, UI, Crowdfunding and the future of banking, you can have a look at Eric’s Sneak peek into the future of banking interview series in JaxEnter:

We are looking forward to meet you during our conferences tour this month and as always, we would love to hear from you on!

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