Newsletter – January 2016

Dear Streamers,

We hope you enjoyed your New Year’s holiday and would like to start by wishing you all a healthy and fun 2016. At, we are starting strong with new features, contributions and recognitions for our work in 2015.

programmableweb logoTop 50 ProgrammableWeb 2015 We are honored to be part of the 50 most interesting APIs added by ProgrammableWeb, the API Directory, in 2015. (out of about 2.000!) And we wish to thank our community for their business and support to get there!

This month, we are excited to announce the following features and demos of

Query Params and HTTP headers Injection
We’ve added the possibility to inject custom Query Params and HTTP Headers from Take a look at this simple step-by-step tutorial to know more.

Add compression to Server-Sent events
You can now enable compression between your clients and Frederic wrote this blog post to share the implementation details based on Jboss Undertow. Have a look at our developer documentation to know how to simply activate this option.

Show ISS current position using Ionic

ionic logoYou’d like to try using Ionic to stream data in your cross-platform mobile applications? Then don’t miss this very instructive step-by-step tutorial by Audrey Neveu on how to implement in an Ionic application to display the position of the International Space Station on a map in real-time. Thanks a lot Audrey for sharing, and to the ISS team for making us all look upwards and forward.

Real-time transparency in Finance We recommend you read this post by 3Scale, a partner, covering disruption brought about by real-time transparency and #fintechrevolution APIs mentioning PsychSignal and

Despite or thanks to the snowfalls, we enjoyed some great conferences:

logo-snowcamp-2016We co-organized and sponsored with Red Hat, Salesforce, Tuleap, SonarQube, Elastic, Deolan, Datastax, CommitStrip and Jahia. gathered 200 developers in the Alps with 2 days of conferences and 1 day of skiing (yeahh!).

Cédric at the WebComponents Meetup Cédric Tran-Xuan was invited by the Paris WebComponents Meetup to present his views on Riot.js. Micro-library but mega-powerful! And if you want to know more, go read his blogpost series on the subject.

Lorie talks to Duchess France Our Scrum Master Lorie Pisicchio is featured this month by Duchess France, so don’t miss out on what she has to say about the life of a woman in Tech (article in french).

Where to find us We will be out and about once again this year to meet with you in person, so don’t be shy and come talk to us at the GDG DevFest Paris and Finovate Europe in February, and in April JAX FinanceLondon and Devoxx France!

finovate logogdg devfestdevoxxjax finance





We hope this will give you great ideas on how to use Please, do not forget that your feedback matters a lot and that we will be happy to help you at

Cheers and enjoy your code,

The team


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