Riot.js - Part 3 - Step 3

Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app (Step3)

Welcome to Step 3 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3”, humbly named: Step #3 – an even even more amazing app than the even more amazing app (could it be?) In the Step 2 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3″, I’ve managed to sell you an amazing UX experience of the “Reload Stocks”[…]

Riot.js - Part 3 - Step 2

Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app (Step2)

Welcome to Step 2 of the “Exploring Riot.js – Part 3”!, modestly entitled: Step #2 – an even more amazing app! In the Step 1 of our “Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app”, we saw an amazing app that presented the data from the Stockmarket API in different forms: a table and a chart. Do you remember[…]

Riot.js - Part 3

Exploring Riot.js – Event-driven app (Step1)

In the previous post, we were presenting the traditional “Hello World” example using Riot.js a UI micro-library that enables to create custom tags “à la React” (if you would like something to compare it to). Not only does Riot.js support custom tags but also has nice features such as eventing and routing (see this post). Riot.js[…]