Benchmark: Server-Sent Events vs polling

1. Introduction “Streamdata.io is a real-time cache proxy allowing you to poll JSON REST APIs and push updates to clients”. Ok, sounds great. Indeed, the features provided are exactly what you need but what is the impact on your performances?  Here, we want to talk about performance, from the client, to the backend, with figures,[…]


A Fintech Day in London: Rock & Revolutions

Here is a partial (in both senses) script of what I  took away from @JAX Finance in London last week. I went there as an ex-HFT infrastructure architect and more recently into multi-channel API streaming for Fintech UI developers (streamdata.io), so interested in Financial IT best practices in our new SaaS+Mobile+API-first world. The day started[…]


Motwin at QConLondon 2015 – Day #3

Day #3 Netflix built its own monitoring system – and why you probably shouldn’t – by Roy Rapoport This was the last keynote of QConLondon. The talk was divided into two parts: the first part dealt with the question « Should we build our own system (NIH (Not Invented Here) syndrome)? » while the second[…]