Newsletter – April 2016

Dear Streamers, April has started strong with publishing a great demo using, the honor to be covered in the {“api”:”report”} and the month will accelerate with three key conferences to synch up with our community. We hope to see you there! Real-time chat with is a NoSql document oriented database cloud service that[…]

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DevoxxFR 2015 Reloaded

If you’ve missed Devoxx France 2015 or just missed some conferences and can’t wait for the videos at Parleys, here are some links of the presentations, we’ve gathered. Enjoy! Building the Internet of Things with Eclipse IoT Des tablettes d’écriture aux tablettes pour écrire Les idées reçues de l’informatique : Quand nos erreurs de raisonnement[…]

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StreamdataIO at DevoxxFR

All the team was at DevoxxFR. It was a great event! Many thanks to the organizers who did a great job!  Most of the time, as we did for QConLondon, people write blog posts about the conferences they attended (and lots were excellent at DevoxxFR as the keynote of Eric Filiol and the one of Rodolphe Gelin and, thanks to the DevoxxFR Team,[…]