Vert.x EventBus

Vert.x: how to handle retry with the EventBus?

Vert.x is a polyglot library that helps to develop reactive applications. Among all its features, Vert.x comes with a built-in EventBus, which is a masterpiece in a event-driven (micro-services) architecture. What you will read about in this post: how to handle a retry on a request-response of the Vert.x EventBus with a classical Handler … with a[…]

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Vert.x and the async calls chain

Vert.x is a nice polyglot library to write reactive applications. Based on the multi-reactor pattern, the core concept of Vert.x is the event loop that dispatches work/events to handlers. The event loop is single threaded. But you can have multiple event loops (hence, the multi-reactor pattern). What you will read about in this post: A Classic “Hello[…]