Temporary mobile app incubator : MBF-2


Credit Agricole will  co-organize with Orange Partner, PSA, Salesforce, Xee, Deezer, Uber, zenpark and Motwin the second “Mobile Banking Factory”. Developers, marketers and designers will have 2 months to build innovative mobile applications about using partners API. To win, you will have to propose a running app using at least Credit Agricol APIs … and you’d better choose a subject around cars/mobility ! Total donation will be 50000€ with at least 12000€ for the winner.

We are very happy and proud to be part of this temporary mobile incubator. You will be able to have coaching, tech support and … money !

Now, you can pause for 5 minutes and think about all you could do with bank accounts, music, shared-cars, parking slots and connected cars, but never forget the user experience … so : fasten data delivery to mobile with Motwin.

Hope to see you the 14th of March at the kick off.

More information:

Main site here

List of APIs
Press release (in French) : CP-Mobile-Banking-Factory-2

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