Take a look at some of our demos and get inspired

Java Client
A Java client for service

Chat demo
Chat demo powered by and

.NET Client
A .Net client and demo for service – an Ionic application to show ISS current position using

An Android StockTwits demo using

Twitter demo
Twitter Timeline Demo with

Github Android
Sample android github API client, using

Bike demo
A simple demo that displays available bikes in realtime on GoogleMaps.

New York Times news feed
Realtime news feed application for iOS using a New York Times API – Server-sent Events for iOS

Xignite RiotJS
An event-driven app based on riotjs, Xignite and to display currency rates

Stockmarket (Javascript) Javascript sample application, available in both Angular or JQuery

Stockmarket (Android) Android package a sample application

Stockmarket (iOS)
This application shows how to use the proxy in a simple iOS app.

Quizz APISpark demo
This demo shows how to turn an APISpark API into a streaming API thanks to

Poll demo
This demo shows how you can create a web app to run surveys, using a Parse backend, and for automatic updates of the UI.

Pebble Bitcoin demo
Application for Pebble Watch using Pebble.js which provides a reliable bitcoin price index in multiple currencies

FlightStats demo
Demo using GoogleMap and flightstats API to display realtime information on airports (departures, arrivals, weather)