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Increase Revenue From Your Existing API Through Realtime Data

With’s solution, you can drive substantial API revenue growth while also reducing your costs and seamlessly providing streaming data to your customers.

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The Current Situation

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Why is this bad?

All your customers do not have the same thirst for your data — most may be fine with polling, but chances are, that is not the case for your top-tier customers. For top-tier customers, polling means hitting their limits constantly because they need to be permanently synchronized with your data. The absence of realtime data eliminates their opportunities to advance and grow their business. And they cost you a fortune on infrastructure and bandwidth for being so demanding.

The Solution

Grow your revenue by fulfilling the needs of your top-tier clients.

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Why is this better?

Without changing anything to your actual API, enables you to build and sell a streaming version of it for top-tier clients in just a few minutes. Instead of polling your API, your streaming clients will be updated with realtime data whenever something new surfaces – reducing your costs while increasing your revenue and satisfying a client's need to always be synchronized with your data.

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Additional Benefits

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With no server-side code, you can build a streaming version of your existing API in minutes.

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Scalable’s dynamic cache allows your API to rapidly scale and serve millions of customers.

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Cost Saving

Less API hits to handle results in up to 90% savings on CPU and bandwidth usage.

Discover why your clients want a streaming API from you and how accelerates Machine Learning development and capabilities

Save time and money for both you and your data clients with

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