Captivate Your Users with Live Interfaces

Static interfaces are dead, and today’s consumers expect live, engaging experiences. Find out how can help you build dynamic interfaces with realtime API data – and in the process increase user retention, dwell time, and loyalty.

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The Current Problems

Nonstop Polling is Expensive

Because you’re charged by the number of hits, constant polling is expensive and sometimes impossible due to API limits – not to mention it’s far from ideal for end-users.

Building a Streaming API is More Expensive

Planning, developing, testing, and launching your own streaming backbone can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months and cost upward of $1,000,000. Yes, one million dollars.

The Solution

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Why is this better?

As a streaming proxy,’s optimized bandwidth, robust connectivity, and live data streams enhance the speed and efficiency of websites and applications. And with one-way latency and no server-side code, developers can quickly build animated user interfaces for both mobile and desktop users – driving engagement, retention, and revenue opportunities.

Additional Benefits

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Bandwidth Optimization performs differential computing to update you only with what has changed and is fresh.

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Fast Display

Because we only send new data and not complete sets, data can be displayed up to 20x faster.

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HTTPS and TLS protect the integrity of any data that is exchanged through

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With no server-side code and robust client-side SDKs, you can turn any API you're interested in into a streaming API.

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Scalable’s dynamic cache allows your app to scale and serve millions of customers with the data they want.

Discover how helps Data Providers and advances Machine Learning development and capabilities.

With, your users can enjoy fast, engaging, and interactive experiences.

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